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The following map is a visual representation of the approximate geographic location of BAP certified farms, hatcheries, feed mills, processing plants, and re-processors. This map is updated weekly. Please refer to the “Certified Producers” tab below the map for a complete listing of currently certified facilities.

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Certified Producers

Certified Producers are facilities whose BAP certifications are currently valid.

The following is a list of all BAP-certified farms, hatcheries, feed mills, and processing plants (both processors and re-processors). The lists can be sorted or filtered by country, producer type, or species, or the search field can be used to help identify a specific producer. The supply chain linkages of certified processing plants can be observed by rolling the cursor over their listing in Star Designation column in the Certified Producers table below.

The BAP program allows processing plants to communicate the chain of custody certification status of certified facilities through use of a Star Designation labeling system on packaging of finished products. Since processing plants may receive product from both BAP certified and non-certified farms, the Star Designation system shown on the BAP website listing is only intended to show the maximum Star Designation that a processing plant is capable of producing (e.g. 1-,2-,3- or 4-Star BAP). The actual star status logo that can be used on packaging varies, depending upon the characteristics of the source farm material. Having a 4-Star Designation displayed on the BAP website does NOT imply that 100% of a processing plant’s production qualifies to be labeled with a 4-star logo. Please refer to the BAP Logo Use Requirements document for a more complete explanation: Program Integrity Library
BAP No. Producer Producer Type Accepts Unannounced Audits Vanguard Country Expiration Species Star Status Capability
F11759B Thanh Binh Dong Thap One Member Limited - Cluster 1 - Tan Hoa 1 Farm Viet Nam 01-17-2022 Pangasius
H10478 Troutlodge Inc. Troutsprings facility Hatchery United States 09-12-2022 Trout
F12054 C.I. Piscicola New York S.A., – Farm Cluster 2 - Piscicola Santa Elena - Acuicola de Colombia S.A.S. Farm Colombia 12-15-2021 Tilapia
F12005 Wenchang Lunankang Farm Farm China 11-18-2021 Tilapia
F11734D Nova Austral S.A. - Cluster - Aracena 5 Salmon Farm Chile 03-04-2022 Salmon
F11831 Choice Canning Company Cluster 2 - MAHITHA FARMS - 1 Farm India 10-28-2021 Shrimp
F11923 Falcon Marine Exports Group 2 - Nehru Farm India 11-12-2021 Shrimp
F11937 Devi Farm Group 2 - Worth Aqua Masters Farm India 12-03-2021 Shrimp
F12046 Apex Frozen Foods Limited - Group 1 - Siripuram-4 Farm India 12-09-2021 Shrimp
H10497 C.I. Piscicola New York S.A., – Hatchery Cluster 1 - Piscicola Villa Maria - Acuicola de Colombia S.A.S. Hatchery Colombia 06-11-2022 Tilapia
F12233 Nekkanti Farmers Group 3 - Shri. R Srinivas & Shri. K Srinivas Aqua Farms Farm India 09-16-2022 Shrimp
F11895 Sandhya Aqua Exports Pvt Ltd. - Group 1 - Ramakrishnam Raju Aqua Farm - 2 Farm India 11-10-2021 Shrimp
F10575BJ AquaChile S.A. - Cluster - Teguel 1 Salmon Farm Chile 10-24-2021 Salmon
F12186 Thuan Nhan Farm Farm Viet Nam 08-23-2022 Shrimp
F12151B Veerabhadra Exports Private Limited - SB Marine Farms Farm India 07-23-2022 Shrimp
H10507A Naturisa S.A. - Hatchery Cluster 1 - Larviquest S.A. 1 Hatchery Ecuador 06-24-2022 Shrimp
F11877 The Fishin' Hainan BAP Farms Group - Zhou Qinfu Longlou Farm Farm China 05-01-2022 Tilapia
F12114 PT. Koyo Segoro Endah Farm Indonesia 06-16-2022 Shrimp
F10606BC Cermaq Chile S.A. - Group - Navarro Salmon Farm Chile 07-14-2022 Salmon
F10533BP Exportadora Los Fiordos - Cluster - Jud Salmon Farm Chile 10-24-2021 Salmon
F12035 Qinghai Minze Longyangxia Ecological Aquaculture Co., Ltd. Farm China 03-11-2022 Trout
F11966 Devi Farm Group 1 - Manne Srinu Farm India 12-03-2021 Shrimp
Sandhya Aqua Exports Pvt. Ltd. (Unit-II) Processor India 01-01-2022 Shrimp
F10780 Gallant Dachan Seafood Co., Ltd Farm Viet Nam 12-05-2021 Shrimp
F10798A BMR Industries Private Limited Cluster 1 - M/s Sharani Sindhu Shrimp Farms Farm India 04-01-2022 Shrimp
F10798B BMR Industries Private Limited Cluster 1 - Shri Beeda Ravichandra Farm India 04-01-2022 Shrimp
H10005 SeaJoy Group - Larvicultura Del Pacifico S.A. Hatchery Honduras 07-15-2022 Shrimp
H10022 Minh Phu Aquatic Larvae Company Limited Hatchery Viet Nam 07-06-2022 Shrimp
H10027 Zhanjiang Allied Pacific Aquaculture Co., Ltd. - Hatchery Hatchery China 10-13-2021 Shrimp
H10068 Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL. - Hatchery Group 1 - Shrimp Genetic Improvement Center - Pathio 1-3 Hatchery Hatchery Thailand 07-05-2022 Shrimp
H10071 Thong Thuan - Nui Tao Industrial Shrimp Farm Hatchery Viet Nam 01-08-2022 Shrimp
H10074 BMR Industries Private Ltd. Hatchery India 04-01-2022 Shrimp
H10092 Kelly Cove Salmon - Anchorage Group Program Hatchery Canada 06-14-2022 Salmon
H10097 Kelly Cove Salmon Group Program - South Oromocto Hatchery Canada 06-14-2022 Salmon
H10104 Australis Aquaculture Vietnam Ltd. Hatchery Viet Nam 06-18-2022 Barramundi
H10124 Vinh Hoan Corporation - Binh Thanh 2 Hatchery Hatchery Viet Nam 08-13-2022 Pangasius
H10145 Guangdong Gourmet Wuchuan Tilapia Hatcheries Hatchery China 10-14-2021 Tilapia
H10156 Aquafinca St. Peter Fish. S.A.- Borboton production center Hatchery Honduras 10-01-2021 Tilapia
H10159 Castlerock Fisheries Pvt., Ltd. - Evergreen Seeds and Feeds Private Hatchery India 11-22-2021 Shrimp
H10166 Cooke Aquaculture Chile S.A. - Los Rios Hatchery Hatchery Chile 05-17-2022 Salmon
H10205 Australis Mar S.A. Hatchery Cluster 1 - Estero Matanza Hatchery Chile 12-15-2021 Salmon
H10234 Empacadora Grupo Granmar S.A. Empagran - Division Laboratorio Hatchery Ecuador 11-28-2021 Shrimp
M10005 Grobest Industrial (VN) Co., Ltd. Feed Mill Viet Nam 09-20-2022 Shrimp
M10010 Skretting Canada, Inc. Bayside NB Feed Mill Canada 11-22-2021 Salmon
M10024 Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Co., Ltd. (Hatyai) Feed Mill Thailand 08-04-2022 Shrimp
M10026 Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Co., Ltd. Feed Mill Thailand 12-08-2021 Shrimp
M10083 Grobest Corporation Limited Feed Mill Thailand 06-09-2022 Shrimp
M10085 The Waterbase Ltd. Feed Mill India 03-07-2022 Aquaculture Feed
M10105 Inprosa, Industrial Procesadora Santay S.A. Feed Mill Ecuador 01-10-2022 Shrimp
M10106 Empacadora Grupo Granmar S.A. Empagran - División Balanceados Feed Mill Ecuador 08-24-2022 Shrimp
Falcon Marine Exports Ltd. Processor India 05-26-2022 Shrimp
Zhanjiang Guolian Aquatic Products Co., Ltd. Processor China 09-21-2022 Shrimp

Phatthana Frozen Food Co., Ltd. Processor Thailand 03-02-2022 Shrimp
Vietnam Fish One Co., Ltd Processor Viet Nam 05-30-2022 Shrimp
Allied Pacific Food (Dalian) Co., Ltd. Processor China 06-15-2022 Shrimp
TROPACK SA Processor Ecuador 09-27-2021 Tilapia

Thuan Phuoc Seafoods and Trading Corp. Processor Viet Nam 03-28-2022 Shrimp
M/s SAI Marine Exports Pvt.,Ltd. Processor India 04-19-2022 Shrimp
Tongwei Hainan Aquatic Products Co., Ltd. Processor China 02-18-2022 Tilapia
Kader Exports Private Limited Unit 04 Processor India 11-20-2021 Shrimp
Empresas AquaChile S.A (AKA Cardonal) Processor Chile 02-09-2022 Salmon

F10060 PT. Lima Satu Lapan Farm Indonesia 10-12-2021 Shrimp
F10100C Marine Gold Products - Thai Shrimp Farm Group 1 - Srisuban Farm 6 Farm Thailand 10-27-2021 Shrimp
F10111 Guangdong Gourmet Wuchuan Tilapia Farm Base Farm China 10-14-2021 Tilapia
F10167C Xian-Ning Seafood - Cluster 2 - Chaiyo Farm Farm Thailand 02-12-2022 Shrimp
F10265 Devi Fisheries Limited Farm India 01-18-2022 Shrimp
F10267B Cermaq Canada Ltd. - Raza Island Salmon Farm Canada 12-08-2021 Salmon
F10268H Grieg Seafood BC, Ltd. Module 1 - Concepcion Farm  - West Salmon Farm Canada 03-29-2022 Salmon
F10283 PT. Delta Guna Sukses Farm Indonesia 06-27-2022 Shrimp
F10290O Mowi Canada West - Group Program - Kid Bay Site Salmon Farm Canada 12-20-2022 Salmon
F10302N Cooke Aquaculture Chile S.A. - Cluster - Mentirosa 03 Salmon Farm Chile 05-07-2022 Salmon
F10328H Salmones Blumar S.A. - Williams 1 Salmon Farm Chile 03-30-2022 Salmon
F10331E The New Zealand King Salmon Co., Ltd. - Cluster - Waihinau Bay Salmon Farm New Zealand 10-31-2021 Salmon
F10350A Asvini Fisheries Private Limited Cluster 1 - Ch. Narasimha Raju Farm India 06-08-2022 Shrimp
F10350E Asvini Fisheries Private Limited Cluster 1 - Vundavalli Sailaja Farm India 06-08-2022 Shrimp
F10389 Qionghai Dongping Jindong Farm Farm China 12-15-2021 Tilapia
F10392 PT. Suri Tani Pemuka - Lake Toba Farm Indonesia 11-18-2021 Tilapia
F10395F Atlantic Aqua Farms Ltd. - Tracadie Mollusk Farm Canada 11-14-2021 Mussels
F10395I Atlantic Aqua Farms Ltd. - Malpeque Mollusk Farm Canada 11-14-2021 Mussels
F10395J Atlantic Aqua Farms Ltd. - New London Mollusk Farm Canada 11-14-2021 Mussels
F10425F Penver Products Limited Cluster 1 - Gayatri Farm Farm India 12-12-2021 Shrimp
F10441 Thai Royal Frozen Food Co., Ltd. - Thaveepong Farm 1 Farm Thailand 12-05-2021 Shrimp
F10443 PT. Ketah Makmur Farm Indonesia 10-17-2021 Shrimp
F10450B East Asia Aquaculture Cluster 1 - Khao Thao Farm Thailand 06-25-2022 Shrimp
F10457B Prince Edward Aqua Farms - Cluster 1 - New London Bay Mollusk Farm Canada 01-09-2022 Mussels
F10495 Piscifactoria El Diviso Limitada Farm Colombia 10-09-2021 Trout
M/s.Jagadeesh Marine Exports Processor India 02-07-2022 Shrimp
Nila Sea Foods Pvt.,Ltd. Processor India 04-03-2022 Shrimp
Nekkanti Sea Foods Ltd, - Visakhaptnam Processor India 08-22-2022 Shrimp
SALMONES AUCAR LTDA.. Processor Chile 04-03-2022 Mussels
PT. Windublambangan Sejati Processor Indonesia 05-19-2022 Shrimp
Forstar Frozen Foods Pvt., Ltd - Unit 2 Processor India 02-16-2022 Shrimp
M/S Suryamitra Exim Limited Unit 1 Processor India 03-18-2022 Shrimp
Growel Processors Pvt Ltd Processor India 08-12-2022 Shrimp
ACME Chile SPA Processor Chile 11-03-2021 Salmon
Neeli Aqua Private Limited Processor India 10-25-2021 Shrimp
F10507D Jagadeesh Marine Exports Ltd. - Nagendra Varma Farm India 02-21-2022 Shrimp
F10510 Sanford Ltd. Mollusk Farm New Zealand 03-10-2022 Mussels
F10533AH Exportadora Los Fiordos Cluster Farms - Cuptana 4 Salmon Farm Chile 11-23-2021 Salmon
F10552D Granja Marina Tornagaleones S.A. (32) - Chiguay Salmon Farm Chile 06-07-2022 Salmon
F10575F Empresas AquaChile SA - Cluster -Herradura (2) Salmon Farm Chile 11-13-2021 Salmon
F10579 Minh Phu Loc An Aquaculture Co., Ltd Farm Viet Nam 11-04-2021 Shrimp
F10588 Shree Datt Aquaculture Farm Cluster 1 - Shree Datt Aquaculture Farms Pvt Ltd. (Tandel's) Farm India 09-14-2022 Shrimp
F10591 Peruvian Andean Trout S.A.C. - Farm Farm Peru 06-06-2022 Trout
F10594C Camanchaca Cultivos Sur SA - Cluster 1 - Pullao Mollusk Farm Chile 02-25-2022 Mussels
F10600 Granjas Marinas - Honduras - Crimasa Farm Honduras 07-01-2022 Shrimp
F10606A Cermaq Chile S.A. - Group - Centro Quilen Salmon Farm Chile 09-08-2022 Salmon
F10631C Invermar S.A. Farms-Puqueldon Farm Salmon Farm Chile 04-28-2022 Salmon
F10661 Krusha farm (Choice Canning Company Farm India 06-06-2022 Shrimp
F10665D Salmones Multiexport S.A. - Cluster - Stokes Farm Salmon Farm Chile 10-15-2021 Salmon
F10677 Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL. - Farm Group 1 - Sawee 1 Farm Farm Thailand 07-05-2022 Shrimp
F10700A Thai Union Group PCL. - Group 1 - Klongnamkhem Farm Farm Thailand 11-05-2021 Shrimp
F10711C Thai Royal Frozen Food Co., Ltd. - Group 1 - Ratchakrit Farm Farm Thailand 12-05-2021 Shrimp
F10735 Goulburn River Trout Pty Ltd. (Farm 1: Thornton) Farm Australia 10-25-2022 Trout
F10743 MPA Fish Farms Pty Ltd. - Cone Bay Ocean Barramundi Farm Australia 12-18-2021 Barramundi
F10759A Sea Wealth Frozen Food Co., Ltd. - Cluster 2 - Samorn Farm Farm Thailand 12-16-2021 Shrimp
F11516 The Hainan Xiangtai Fishery Co. Farm Group - Wanghaizhong Farm Farm China 07-05-2022 Tilapia
F10797 SONGA - Naturisa S.A. Farm Farm Ecuador 02-07-2022 Shrimp
F10804D Thai Union Group PCL. - Group 1 - Rachain Farm Farm Thailand 03-12-2022 Shrimp
F10804F Thai Union Group PCL. - Group 1 - Wanchai Farm Farm Thailand 03-12-2022 Shrimp
F10807B Granja Marina Tornagaleones S.A. - Duncan Salmon Farm Chile 02-26-2022 Salmon
F10812A Asian Feed Co., Ltd. - Cluster 1 - Asian Seafood(Suratthani) Co.,Ltd. Farm Thailand 03-17-2022 Shrimp
H10079 C.P. Vietnam Corporation - Branch Binh Thuan Hatchery Viet Nam 04-14-2022 Shrimp
H10106 Mowi Canada West - Fresh Water Farm Hatchery Canada 11-05-2021 Salmon
H10113 C.P. Vietnam Corporation - Binh Dinh 3 Hatchery Hatchery Viet Nam 08-25-2022 Shrimp
H10160D Cermaq Chile - Piscicultura Rio Pescado Hatchery Chile 08-10-2022 Salmon
H10183 FEDEACUA - Hatchery Group 1 - Tilapias Del Huila S.A.S. - Alevinos 1 Hatchery Colombia 11-17-2021 Tilapia
H10191 Exportadora Los Fiordos-Piscicultura Curarrehue Hatchery Chile 05-30-2022 Salmon
H10200 PHL Seining, LLC Hatchery United States 08-17-2022 Catfish
M10029 GreenFeed Vietnam Corporation Feed Mill Viet Nam 06-14-2022 Pangasius
M10032 C.P. Vietnam Corporation - Dong Nai Factory 3 Feed Mill Viet Nam 05-20-2022 Shrimp
M10040 AVANTI FEEDS LIMITED (1&3) Feed Mill India 12-10-2021 Shrimp
M10062 Alimentsa S.A. Feed Mill Ecuador 01-07-2022 Shrimp
M10079 Nelson & Sons, Inc. DBA Skretting USA Feed Mill United States 05-04-2022 Salmon
M10104 CPF (India) Private Limited Feed Mill India 11-23-2021 Aquaculture Feed
SeaJoy Group - Empacadora Deli, S.A. Processor Honduras 07-15-2022 Shrimp
Thai Royal Frozen Food Co., Ltd. Processor Thailand 09-03-2022 Shrimp
(Wild) Cod

Omarsa S.A. Processor Ecuador 04-18-2022 Shrimp
Hainan Sky Blue Ocean Foods Co., Ltd. Processor China 10-14-2021 Tilapia
Viet I-Mei Frozen Foods Processor Viet Nam 02-27-2022 Shrimp
Okeanos Food Co., Ltd. Processor Thailand 06-29-2022 Shrimp
F10097A Okeanos - Cluster 1 - TSM 1 Farm Farm Thailand 06-24-2022 Shrimp
F10182 HeAn Shrimp Farm of Zhanjiang Southern Ocean Fishery Ltd. Farm China 10-01-2021 Shrimp
F10241 Devi Farm Group 2 - Devi Sea Foods Ltd. Farm India 12-21-2021 Shrimp
F10249A Camimex - Cluster 1 - Farm 1 Farm Viet Nam 08-03-2022 Shrimp
F10268A Grieg Seafood BC, Ltd. Module 1 - Noo-LA Salmon Farm Canada 03-29-2022 Salmon
F10268M Grieg Seafood BC, Ltd. Module 1 - Group - Vantage Point - East Salmon Farm Canada 03-29-2022 Salmon
F10268P Grieg Seafood BC, Ltd. Module 1 - Group - Alstrom Point Farm  - East Salmon Farm Canada 03-29-2022 Salmon
F10290AB Mowi Canada West - Group Program - Ghi- Ya (Bull Harbour) Salmon Farm Canada 12-20-2022 Salmon
F10290C Mowi Canada West - Group Program - Port Elizabeth Salmon Farm Canada 12-20-2022 Salmon
F10290F Mowi Canada West - Group Program - Mahatta West Site Salmon Farm Canada 12-20-2022 Salmon
F10290J Mowi Canada West - Group Program - Marsh Bay Salmon Farm Canada 12-20-2022 Salmon
F10311C Mount Cook Alpine Salmon Ltd. - Ruataniwha Farm New Zealand 08-24-2022 Salmon
F10328A Salmones Blumar S.A. - 467 Chivato 1 Salmon Farm Chile 07-29-2022 Salmon
F10328G Salmones Blumar S.A. - 770 Level 2 Salmon Farm Chile 10-13-2021 Salmon
F10358 Falcon Marine Exports LTD. Farm India 05-21-2022 Shrimp
F10388C Thai Union Group PCL. - Cluster 2 - Ang-thong Farm Farm Thailand 04-05-2022 Shrimp
F10393 C.P. Vietnam Corporation - Hue Branch 2 (zone 1 and 2) Farm Viet Nam 02-19-2022 Shrimp
F10395E Atlantic Aqua Farms Ltd. - St. Marys Bay Mollusk Farm Canada 11-14-2021 Mussels
F10415 Van Diemen Aquaculture Pty., Ltd. Salmon Farm Australia 04-19-2022 Salmon
F10422B Petuna Aquaculture Pty., Ltd. - Cluster - Liberty Salmon Farm Australia 06-29-2022 ocean trout
F10450D East Asia Aquaculture Cluster 1 - Titae Farm Thailand 06-25-2022 Shrimp
F10450E East Asia Aquaculture Cluster 1 - Tanun Farm Thailand 06-25-2022 Shrimp
F10457D Prince Edward Aqua Farms - Cluster 1 - Hillsborough Bay Mollusk Farm Canada 01-09-2022 Mussels
F10457E Prince Edward Aqua Farms - Cluster 1 - St Peter's Bay Mollusk Farm Canada 01-09-2022 Mussels
F10471 Dingan Liaoshangyi Reservoir Tilapia Farm Farm China 12-15-2021 Tilapia
F10473 CAI GA Island Farm Viet Nam 01-22-2022 Pangasius
Consolidated Catfish Producers LLC - Eutaw AL Processor United States 10-04-2021 Catfish
Guangdong Mingji Aquatic Product Group Co., Ltd. Processor China 09-27-2022 Tilapia
Red Drum

Zhanjiang Chaohui Aquatic Food Co., Ltd. Processor China 11-01-2021 Tilapia
Choice Canning Company Processor India 10-11-2022 Shrimp
Coastal Corporation Ltd. Processor India 06-01-2022 Shrimp
Five Star Marine Exports Pvt Ltd Processor India 10-13-2021 Shrimp
Bien Dong Seafood Company Ltd Processor Viet Nam 01-19-2022 Pangasius

PT. Bumi Menara Internusa - Lampung Processor Indonesia 09-01-2022 Shrimp
Vikenco AS Processor Norway 12-14-2021 Salmon
The New Zealand King Salmon Co., Ltd. PH 157 Processor New Zealand 10-31-2021 Salmon
Acuagranjas Dos Lagos S.A. de C.V. Processor Mexico 07-15-2022 Tilapia
Asvini Fisheries Private Limited Processor India 05-09-2022 Shrimp
PT. Indokom Samudra Persada Processor Indonesia 07-13-2022 Shrimp
Sagar Grandhi Exports Pvt. Ltd. Unit II Processor India 12-26-2021 Shrimp
Coastal Corporation Limited, ( Unit-II) Processor India 06-01-2022 Shrimp
PT. Suri Tani Pemuka Cirebon Plant Processor Indonesia 12-05-2021 Shrimp

Vietnam Clean Seafood Corporation Processor Viet Nam 01-14-2022 Shrimp
Devi Fisheries Ltd. Processor India 12-18-2021 Shrimp
Invermar S.A. Processor Chile 01-19-2022 Salmon
Browns Bay Packing Co., Ltd. Processor Canada 12-10-2021 Salmon
Kader Exports Pvt. Ltd. - Unit 2 Processor India 10-28-2021 Shrimp
GeneSeas Aquacultura Ltda - Plant Processor Brazil 12-15-2021 Tilapia
Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Ltd. Processor Thailand 08-12-2022 Shrimp
PT. Grahamakmur Ciptapratama Processor Indonesia 01-18-2022 Shrimp
Goh Siong Tee Marine Product SDN.BHD. Processor Malaysia 01-31-2022 Barramundi

Empacadora Grupo Granmar S.A. Empagran - División Empacadora Processor Ecuador 10-08-2021 Shrimp
M/s. Southern Tropical Foods Pvt. Ltd. Processor India 12-14-2021 Shrimp
Sociedad Nacional de Galapagos C.A. Processor Ecuador 02-07-2022 Shrimp
Open Blue Sea Farms Panama, S.A. Processor Panama 02-01-2022 Cobia
Beaver Street Fisheries Reprocessor United States 06-26-2022 Catfish

True North Maine., Inc. Machiasport Plant Reprocessor United States 02-08-2022 Salmon

AquaStar - Contessa Premium Foods Reprocessor United States 11-06-2021 Mussels

Comercial Mares de Chiloe SA Reprocessor Chile 05-20-2022 Mussels

F10507B Jagadeesh Marine Exports Ltd. - Thota satyanarayana Farm Farm India 02-21-2022 Shrimp