Best Aquaculture Practices

Month: March 2021

BAP Releases New Version of Logo Use Requirements

The Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) program recently released a new version of the Logo Use Requirements document, which contains a few significant changes from the previous version. Moving forward, the star-status logo will no longer be required to use the BAP logo on pack. Producers and endorsers will still be able to use the star-status logo to highlight that the product is part of a multi-star production chain and the added assurances that come with each facility in the production chain attaining BAP certification. We recognize that there was a need for additional options as our endorsers, and producers have … READ MORE “BAP Releases New Version of Logo Use Requirements”

Mollusk Farm Standard Issue 1.1 Now Mandatory

The Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) Mollusk Farm Standard Issue 1.1, which replaces Issue 1.0, is now mandatory for all new and recertifying producers. The most significant changes made to Issue 1.1 are as follows: ° The scope of the BAP Mollusk Farm Standard has changed, removing “fed” species of mollusks (such as whelks and abalone), which will now be covered in the new BAP Farm Standard. ° The scope of the BAP Mollusk Farm Standard now also includes extensively farmed sea cucumbers (Holothurian echinoderms). ° The scope of the BAP Mollusk Farm Standard does not include intensive land-based or floating … READ MORE “Mollusk Farm Standard Issue 1.1 Now Mandatory”

BAP Launches Producer ‘Splash Pages’ on Website

BAP recently launched “splash pages” on the producer page of the BAP website as an added benefit to certified producers. These are drop-down tabs that provide additional information about producers by clicking on the facility name. These tabs provide a place for producers to list information such as marketing and sales contacts and a link to their downloadable BAP certificate. This initiative helps connect certified producers to buyers in the marketplace.  Said Molly Jacques, BAP director of market development operations, “Our producer partners work very hard to provide responsible seafood under the BAP standards. We wanted to offer them another way to highlight their hard … READ MORE “BAP Launches Producer ‘Splash Pages’ on Website”

Updated BAP Farm Standard Includes New Requirements on Antimicrobials, Social Accountability, Wildlife Protection

Issue 3.0 of the Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) Farm Standard has been released to the public, the Global Aquaculture Alliance announced on March 1. The renamed BAP Farm Standard replaces Issue 2.4 of the BAP Finfish and Crustacean Farm Standard and adds a number of new requirements under BAP’s four pillars of sustainability — food safety, social accountability, environmental responsibility and animal welfare. The new standard covers all feed-fed finfish and crustacean species. However, separate sets of standards continue to exist for salmonids raised in marine net pens (covered by the BAP Salmon Farm Standard) and unfed mollusk species such … READ MORE “Updated BAP Farm Standard Includes New Requirements on Antimicrobials, Social Accountability, Wildlife Protection”