Best Aquaculture Practices

Month: September 2016

BAP Welcomes First Certified Sea Bass Farm

Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP), the world’s leading third-party certification solution, has expanded the number of species engaged in the program with the addition of the first BAP-certified Japanese sea bass farm, the Global Aquaculture Alliance has announced. Located in Guangdong Province, China, Guangzhou Luxe Seafood Enterprise Ltd. Farm and Zhuhai Jiayi Aquatic Limit Company are subsidiaries of Grobest Group. The two farms grow tilapia in addition to Japanese sea bass (Lateolabrax japonicas). Already BAP certified are the Guangzhou Luxe Seafood Enterprise. Ltd. processing plant and Foshan Quanxing Aquatic Products Feed Co. Ltd. feed mill, allowing Grobest to offer three-star BAP sea … READ MORE “BAP Welcomes First Certified Sea Bass Farm”

GAA Sponsors First Farmed Fish Competition at U.K. ‘Fish Craft Challenge’

The Global Aquaculture Alliance was proud to sponsor the “Inaugural Aquaculture Challenge” at the National Federation of Fishmongers annual Fish Craft Challenge event, which took place on Aug. 28 in Cleethorpes, on the eastern coast of England. Founded in 1932, the federation hosts the annual competition — typically held over the August Bank Holiday — that showcases the best of the United Kingdom’s fish craftsmen as they demonstrate their skills in a range of exciting competitions. This year, competitors were tasked with “canoeing” a farmed sea bass; to single fillet a farmed sea bream; to cross-cut a fillet of farmed … READ MORE “GAA Sponsors First Farmed Fish Competition at U.K. ‘Fish Craft Challenge’”

BAP Included In Sysco’s Renewed Sustainable Seafood Commitment

Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) is amongst the third-party certification programs included in Sysco Corp.’s renewed commitment to sourcing sustainable seafood. On Sept. 7, Sysco announced that it has expanded its sustainable seafood sourcing policy, including BAP amongst the third-party aquaculture certification programs from which it pledged to source product from for its top five Sysco brand farmed seafood species. Specifically, Sysco pledged to source two-star BAP seafood, meaning that the product originates from a BAP-certified farm and processing plant. BAP is the only third-party aquaculture certification program with seafood processing plant standards. Currently, there are 1,376 BAP-certified farms, processing plants, … READ MORE “BAP Included In Sysco’s Renewed Sustainable Seafood Commitment”

GAA Strengthens Ties With New Saudi Aquaculture Leadership

The Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) strengthened its ties with Saudi Arabia’s new aquaculture leadership and major industry stakeholders at a Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) conference at the Burj Rafal Hotel Kempinski in Riyadh in early September. GAA, which in January signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Saudi Aquaculture Society (SAS) that will require the country’s aquaculture facilities to earn Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification, met with H.E. Ahmed Al-Eiadh, the new deputy minister of the recently empowered Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture. SAS and the Aquaculture Department of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture for the Kingdom of … READ MORE “GAA Strengthens Ties With New Saudi Aquaculture Leadership”

First Mexican Shrimp Supplier To Offer Four-Star BAP Shrimp

Congratulations to Selecta Group, the first Mexican shrimp supplier qualified to offer four-star Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) shrimp. Four-star BAP product originates from a BAP-certified processing plant, farm, hatchery and feed mill. It’s the highest designation in BAP, the world’s most comprehensive third-party aquaculture certification program, with standards encompassing environmental responsibility, social responsibility, food safety, animal health and welfare and traceability. Selecta Group became eligible to offer four-star BAP shrimp when its hatchery, Selecta De Guaymas S.A. de C.V. in Bahía Kino, attained BAP certification in August. Already BAP-certified were its Acuicola Selecta S.A. de C.V. farm in the Coast … READ MORE “First Mexican Shrimp Supplier To Offer Four-Star BAP Shrimp”