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Best Aquaculture Practices animation

Best Aquaculture Practices Launches ‘What is BAP?’ Animation

  Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) invites all to explore its newest digital asset, a two-minute animation illustrating the BAP third-party certification program and its many attributes for aquaculture professionals and sustainable seafood enthusiasts. The animation was designed to provide answers to common questions about BAP and its role in the responsible aquaculture movement, including: Where can you find BAP product? How does the BAP program work? Why choose BAP? “We’re excited to harness the power of animation to globally educate people about what we’re doing to improve the aquaculture supply chain and inevitably grow the world’s supply of responsibly farmed … READ MORE “Best Aquaculture Practices Launches ‘What is BAP?’ Animation”

tilapia and aquaculture

Fishin’ Company, GAA Partner to Develop Positive Messages for Aquaculture

The Fishin’ Company and Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) are working together to build a new narrative for aquaculture around the positive aspects of the industry, including the nutritional benefits, efficiencies of production, growing adoption of best practices, and, most importantly, passion of the people involved in farming and processing seafood. The partnership comes as GAA launches a new consumer-facing webpage on its Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) website, designed to help consumers decipher the concept of responsible aquaculture and third-party aquaculture certification. The first post to the webpage features workers in the tilapia industry in Hainan, China, from which The Fishin’ … READ MORE “Fishin’ Company, GAA Partner to Develop Positive Messages for Aquaculture”

The Faces of Tilapia

Behind the tilapia that you purchase at your local supermarket or restaurant are the people who farm and process the fish. For many, farming and processing tilapia isn’t just a job. It’s a way of life. And for those committed to doing things responsibly, it’s a passion. Currently, 92 tilapia farms and 91 tilapia processing plants worldwide are Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certified. Of those, the majority — 79 farms and 50 processing plants — are located in China. These people are committed to the environment, social integrity, and the health of the animal and consumer, and, as part of the … READ MORE “The Faces of Tilapia”

Honduran shrimp producers

Leading Honduran Producers To Pilot Draft Area Management Standard

Grupo Granjas Marinas S.A. and Seajoy (Deli) Group, have reached a landmark agreement in Choluteca, Honduras, to collaborate in piloting the Global Aquaculture Alliance’s draft Biosecurity Area Management Standard. The two Honduran shrimp producers have a number of farms adjacent or in close proximity to each other in the Gulf of Fonseca and therefore face similar disease challenges. “The draft standard is an excellent platform for us to base our collaboration and examine the mutual benefits we can achieve. Our success will attract more producers to join and we welcome that,” said Brad Price, VP of Seajoy (Deli) Group. Shrimp … READ MORE “Leading Honduran Producers To Pilot Draft Area Management Standard”

Best Aquaculture Practices in the world's most comprehensive third-party certification program.

Walmart Accepts BAP As Approved Third-Party Program For Monitoring Supplier Social Compliance

Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) is among the third-party certification programs — and currently the only seafood-specific certification program — that Walmart has approved for monitoring supplier social compliance. The world’s largest retailer is transitioning to a third-party audit approach for monitoring the social compliance of its suppliers’ facilities, replacing the requirement for its own Responsible Sourcing audits. Instead, Walmart’s suppliers will be required to submit a valid audit report from an approved third-party certification program, and BAP is among the certification programs with a social component that meets the retailer’s expectations for worker dignity and safety. “We appreciate the trust and … READ MORE “Walmart Accepts BAP As Approved Third-Party Program For Monitoring Supplier Social Compliance”

seriola farm

RAS Seriola Farm Applies For BAP Certification

Kingfish Zeeland in the Netherlands has applied for Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification. If certified, Kingfish Zeeland would be the first seriola farm to attain BAP certification. The company raises yellowtail kingfish (Seriola lalandi), which is also known as hiramasa or Pacific yellowtail, in a recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) in the Province of Zeeland, using water from the Oosterschelde marine estuary, a Natura 2000 nature reserve. If certified, Kingfish Zeeland would also be the first RAS farm to attain BAP certification. Based on its currently active R&D and early grow-out facility, Kingfish Zeeland expects to introduce its first batch of … READ MORE “RAS Seriola Farm Applies For BAP Certification”

First for U.S. Catfish: SouthFresh Feed Mill Lands BAP Certification

Congratulations to SouthFresh Aquaculture of Alabama, the first feed mill in the U.S. Southeast and second in the country to attain Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification. With the addition of its feed mill in Demopolis, Ala., SouthFresh Catfish is now capable of providing three-star BAP U.S. catfish, as its processing plant in Eutaw, Ala., and Elysian Farms in Demopolis, Ala., are already BAP certified. SouthFresh is one of the few catfish companies in the United States that owns 100 percent of its feed mill. It’s the first U.S. catfish company to earn the distinction of a BAP-certified feed manufacturer. Last … READ MORE “First for U.S. Catfish: SouthFresh Feed Mill Lands BAP Certification”